Sunglass Holder Review

Sunglass Holder ReviewsWelcome to what we feel is the ultimate sunglass holder review site on the internet today.  We will be highlighting the popular brands of sunglass holders and offering up what we personally think of them.  If you have a few moments to spare I would like to explain to you how this website same to be.

So, Why Did I Develop This Sunglass Holder Review Site?

I have spent a fortune on sunglasses over the years.  I find that they are a great thing to have when you really need them, but when you don’t need them they can be somewhat of a pest.  What do you do with them?  I tried balancing them on the top of my head but whenever I bent over they would just fall off.  More often than not my trusty sunglasses would either be scratched or bent or even worse…broken beyond repair.  How about putting them in your pocket or balancing them off the neckline of your shirt you ask?  Alas, same results.

This same problem has arisen in my car as well.  My trusty sunglasses are a great (and almost a required) necessity when you are driving about in the sun and glare, but what do you do with them when you don’t need them.  I tried putting them into the storage areas that surround my car dashboard but that didn’t work.  Inevitably they would get tosses about or crushed or even dosed with some coffee.  Not a very good way to treat an expensive and trustworthy tool that became part of my arsenal of safe driving.

The next thing I tried was sunglass storage areas that clipped off the visor of your automobile.  I have had mixed results with these as well.  Some were very fragile and broke easily while others just didn’t do the job.  It seems in the area of the sunglass holder as well as in most things in life, you have to do your homework and make sure that you got the right tool for the right job.

So, that is why I started this site.  Out of frustration and need I have been all around this topic and I wanted to share my research with you.  There is enough frustration in this world of ours…we don’t need to have our sunglasses add to it.  May this site help you find the sunglass holder of your dreams.

Here Are A Few Of My Sunglass Holder Top Picks!

Croakies Shade Dock Visor Clip

Croakies Shade Dock Visor Clip

My Pick #1: Croakies Shade Dock Visor Clip
I thought I would offer my top pick first for those of you who are busy and might not want to read through all these details and just get in the business of purchasing a great product and moving on.

I think the thing that is so great about this gem of an item is in the simple design.  The clip simply works great.  Many of the other clip type sunglass holders are not made well and will break after a bit of usage.  Others have a clip that is difficult to snap shut.  The Croakies Shade Dock Visor Clip got it just right.  Very simple design.  Very easy to use.  It comes with an AC clip vent if you would prefer to attach it here rather than your car visor.

They say that a photo is worth a thousand words. If that is the case then just how much is a video worth? I thought I would take the time to create a video for you so that you can see how easy it is to get your sunglasses out of the Croakies Sunglass Holder and how easy it is to put them back in…

The thing that you are going to like the most about this product is the price.  Coming in at around $6.00 you can afford to have more than one.  They make a great gift item…who doesn’t need a “functioning” sunglass holder…with emphasis on the word “functioning”.

Oh and another plus…these are made in the good ole’ USA!  Check out what some customers are saying about this great little product.  I have taken the time to create a series of Croakies Shade Dock Visor Clip Videos so you can see this great little product in action.

Type S Double Sunglass Holder Alternative

Type S Double Sunglass Holder

My Pick #2: Type S Double Sunglass Holder
I also liked this sunglass holder as its design will permit you to store two sunglasses securely out of the way.  This is great if you happen to be “in” to sunglasses and are not sure which ones you want to take with you.  If you happen to be tall this item might cause a bit of a problem as they can disrupt your view as you look through the front of the window.  Having said that for most of us “regular sized” folk they work just fine and pose no obstruction at all.  Like the previous item…can’t beat the price…in the $6.00 range.  They also make a great gift item for that person who has “everything”.  We should add that the overall customer response for this product is “some yes” and “some no”.  Go here to see what they are saying.

BMW Genuine Factory OEM 51160422717 Glasses Case

BMW Genuine Factory OEM 51160422717 Glasses Case

My Pick #3: BMW Genuine Factory OEM 51160422717 Glasses Case  I personally view a sunglass holder as a utility item but I realize that there are others who do not feel the same way.  A sunglass holder, as with most things in their lives, is a fashion statement and they want the best.  For those of you who happen to be reading this article I thought I would mention the BMW sunglass holder.  I personally would never spend this much money on a sunglass holder, but for those of you who don’t feel as I do I offer this gem of an item.

This sunglass holder is in actuality a sunglass case so you won’t have to worry about “clipping” your sunglasses in place…the container will hold them securely without worries.  They are BMW Genuine Factory OEM and the literature states that they will fit on all BMW models (I must I admit I haven’t actually tried this) including the Series 3, 5, 6, 7, X3, X5, X6, Z3 and Z4.

In regards to the case actually attaching to the car there is some Velcro on the back of the case.  This makes it convenient to pull the case off the visor at any time but it’s BMW…why would you want to?  Part of the pleasure of having BMW products is being able to show it off to others right?

The case is a bit snug for regular size sunglasses so anything that is oversize will not fit in them at all.  Guess you need some sort of “tiny chic fashionable” sunglasses…  This case costs in the $40 range…a bit too rich for my blood.  Anyway, check them out if you think you might be interested.

You know what?  I just thought of something!  If you or a friend have always thought of owning a BMW but could not afford it you could get these and build your BMW around it one item at a time…

Concluding This Sunglass Holder Review Site?

We will be bringing you more articles and more information on this subject in the days, weeks, and months ahead. If you happen to have any great items you want us to review let us know. Let this be your sunglass holder review site as well…